Skipping the winter wrath

So last month I was in Boulder Colorado for the National GeoSpatial Preparedness Summit. See my previous post for thoughts on that. Our last excercise of the Conference was called the Winter Wrath and as I’m sitting here with snow blowing everywhere and whiteout conditions I’m reminded of the excercise all over again. Yesterday I figured I would put together a quick map and a dashboard on ArcGIS Online and sent a message to our 911 coordinator.

The map is wired up and ready to use as needed. The snow event has dwindled and it looks as if the cumulative snowfall has decreased significantly from yesterday afternoon when 12-24 inches of snow was expected in most of the County so that’s looking alot better now. We’re not in the clear yet as temperatures are expected to fall 30 below zero  (-30 F) with 35 mph wind which is happening up where I am already.  I can feel it getting colder from my window.



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