Do more with Gutenberg

I’ve been using WordPress since I created my first blog back in 2004.  WordPress has changed alot over the years but the editor has remained the same for the most part. You either like the WordPress editor or you don’t like it and I remember being frustrated trying to add a simple table and needing a plugin for that. This drove me to look at themes/theme builders which led me to  Divi which I’ve used since the first version.  It’s 2018 and the editor is finally getting some love in WordPress 5.0 via Gutenberg. I’ve kept my eye on it since last year but have to admit that the features have been a bit underwhelming so far. Having used Divi  for years, Gutenberg seems like a weak attempt at a page builder with not enough blocks to build anything meaningful.

Since then, I’ve discovered some resources for Gutenberg, and have been following the Gutenberg blocks library and is happy to see some more blocks for Gutenburg that should make the editor a bit more worthwhile to use. They are listed below in order of feature preference. If you want an extensive review this blog post did a wonderful job of breaking them down.

  • Stackable17 blocks. Favorite include the cards block, pricing box, header block, and Expands/ Show more block;
  • Atomic Blocks11 blocks. Favorites include the drop caps block (multiple styles), author profile block and the post grid block;
  • Editor Blocks 10 blocks. Favorites include the team members block, the hero block, and the brand block (can use this for sponsors).

More to come after I give these a try.