Post ESRI UC geodatabase migration funk

I was fortunate this year to attend the ESRI Users Conference. I did not get to hang out at the beach on Coronado this time since I missed my first flight. I was determine to soak up everything I could about ArcGIS Enterprise and had a tightly packed schedule of sessions this time around. I also took some time to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while and found the keynote speech both insightful and scary at the same time. Juan Enriquez did a great job of making an otherwise complex topic simple but what this will lead to in the future is what got me worried. I won’t spoil it watch the keynote speech. I found the following plenary sessions below inspiring.

Back from the UC challenge…

Now that I’m back from the conference I’m still sorting through the slides and notes that I took from the sessions. I had the opportunity to put some of my slides into practice this week.

My first challenge was to migrate the enterprise geodatabase in SQL Server to a new VM. The IT group had the VM mostly set and waiting for me when I got back so “all I had to do” was to move the database off the old sever onto the new one. For that I dusted off my notes from the geodatabase sessions that I attended at the UC and put my mind and hand to the task.  After spending some time with ESRI tech support on a couple of pre-emptive questions, I was able to migrate the database from a full backup that was taken the previous night to a new instance on the new server. Voila! The backup brought over all the security settings and users so I did not have to do much with those on the SQL Server side.

The ESRI side was another matter since I decided to separate the City data into it’s own geodatabase and add an additional geodatabase for the 911 project taking me from one large database to 3 smaller ones. Most of the annoyance was on the multiple ArcGIS steps:

  • create and authorize each database
  • migrate the feature classes, tables and relationships, etc. to the other two geodatabases
  • register the feature classes
  • version the feature classes
  • add users and privilege
  • and and tweak connections
  • and a couple other things

The major issue was trying to get the City database to work as expected. First off they had tons of attachments with relationship classes so it took a while to move them… For some odd reason the domains did not migrate so had to do this a second time…

Add to that, I had to make sure that ArcGIS Enterprise could communicate with the new server. So I was popping in and out of 3 servers trying to figure out the communication settings that made the magic happen. The IT staff was helpful but I had to do some tweaking. We finished by setting the backup plan on the new VM and testing it. Not bad for a couple days work but LOL I would not want to do that again anytime soon.

I finished off my short week with extracting the annual parcel data for the current year and distributing it to the various persons of interest.  Next week I’ll spend the first day back from a couple days off updating the data sources from all the web applications then it’s on to my next project…

Upgrade to the next version of Geocortex Essentials before switching my brain back to the impending 911 GIS data migration project. I’m so looking forward to installing ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 and saying farewell to that OLD (911 mapping server) with ArcGIS Server 10.0. still running after all these years.