A few of my favorite things

Thought I would get this one out before the thunderstorm arrives, really dark clounds out there. This post is not about that it’s about a few of my favorite things.

Wallpapers and Images– I have tons of these on my list but thought I would highlight these three

Software/ Hardware

  • QGIS– We’re an ESRI shop of sorts but I’ll use any piece of GIS software to do what I need and QGIS is very useful (could not have completed the Census project with out it).  Madeira the latest version is worth more than a download
  • Arcv2CAD– the quickest way to export GIS data to CAD (even maintains attributes) for under $150
  • Microsoft Wireless Mouse 4000 series- the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever used. I wish they would bring back the studio series
  • Apple magic keyboard– I can’t get used to the mouse and thought I would need to get a full size keyboard until I started getting used to this mini keyboard… I can type on it for hours and not have any issues. The MS sculpt ergonomic keyboard is my favoite at work.
  • Razer Core X – still drooling… ultraboost your laptop, Macbook, desktop…

Wearables/Assessories– I like comfy clothing, shoes, bags, and supporting organizations that give back to those in need when I can.

  • Toms– for everything you buy they give to a person in need, I have a couple items from them the latest being  the clare v leopard this and this as always they are good looking and comfortable.
  • Old Navy– I usually don’t like to promote major brands but I really like their t-shirts and they always seem to have a sale going on.
  • Everlane– they make some great quality stuff , I really like the bags.
  • Combat Flip Flops– another one of those organizations that give back to those in need with your purchase check out their Ted Talk 
  • Uggs– Had no idea what the big deal about these otherwise ugly shoes were until I tried a pair.

Food Items– I’m quite the foodie and cook at home a lot so no favorite list would be complete without some food items.

Books– Ever since I got a kindle a few years back I’ve been reading loads of books… below is a list of some of the ones I’ve read over the winter/spring