ArcGIS Hub sites around the world

Not sure how I missed this story map but January was a cold up hear in the Finger lakes. On January 30th Andrew Turner from ESRI posted a story map entitled “A world tour of ArcGIS Hub sites.” Today, I came across it in my interenet travels and was delighted to have a peek at the sites. I did one for Tompkins County a while back but is always looking for new ideas and some of these examples tickled my creative juices a bit.

I browsed through practically all of the sites but the following examples in random order below stood out for me:

  • Kenya Open Data–  explore data in education, the environment, finance and many others, my favorite part is the ability to explore data by County the site is also nicely designed.
  • City of Maple Ridge British Columbia– very professional site, data categories are well organized and one can search for documents, videos, data and applications as well as explore a wealth of information in the infograpics section.
  • Open Data for Census 2016 Ireland– Nice header, color scheme, a wealth of data and instructional videos on how to use it all.
  • Data Rio– Solid combination of data, applications, infographics and instructional tutorials.
  • Sacramento Open Data Portal– Liked how they tied many of their applications back to their main City website solid selection of data and apps.

I’m really glad I came across this today definately a good bookmark. Feel free to share your own hub site and story by filling out the form here.  Many Thanks to Andrew for this one.

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