Case 02054988 Smart editor does not populate the current values in the field

It was another one of those Thursdays and I had just given one of my colleagues a walk-through of the Tompkins County ArcGIS Online Organization space. I went over the different panes (Home, Content, Map, etc) and showed him all the items in the “Assessment group.” After the tour was finished we thought it would be a good idea to add that neighbordhood map to the group that we’ve been trying to update since last year.  I went away with the promise of posting the data to ArcGIS Online so that he can make some edits and produce updated interactive versions of the PDF based maps here.

The first challenge was to locate the latest iteration of the neighborhood data I had worked on back in August of last year. After a few keyword searches, I was able to locate the data on my hard drive, export it to a file geodatabase, zip it, and upload it to our ArcGIS Online Organization space. It took a little while to upload but after a few minutes of annoyance (I have no love for the 3 dancing bars) it was there in all it’s glory. Next I added a summary to the feature service, updated the tags, modified the style and changed the thumbnail.  After that, I created a map, modified the pop-up, and shared it out to the Assessment group and created a web app using the Web App Builder.

Since my colleague was going to be using this to do some editing, I added the smart editor widget. The widget was fairly easy to configure and I got it up and running in a few ESRI clicks. Then I gave the app a trst drive and a weird thing happened. The values that I wanted to edit “neighborhood code” had some drop down values but the value of the particular polygon that I clicked on to edit was not there. Since the point of this wjhole excercise was to find any parcels that had the wrong values and update them to reflect the correct code that was not working in our favor. I tried fiddling with some settings to no avail…the original value would not show in smart editor.  It was time to go home so I logged out and quit for the day.

Friday morning I came in a tried a couple of other things then decided to put those support dollars to work and contact ESRI support. After my submittal I was assigned case 02054988. I spent some time on another matter and left for lunch since it was high noon. Upon returning from one of my edible meet-ups (lunch with friends), I noticed that I had a voicemail and email from tech support. I listend to the voicemail and emailed back and in a couple of minutes I was screensharing with tech support.  We walked through the same steps created another app from the same data and same results.  We decided to try uploading the data again but this time I went with a zipped shapefile instead of the file geodatabase.  We did the ArcGIS Online importing dance again and created a new map and app from the new data.

After these steps we were able to see the correct “Code” for each polygon selected within the widget (Why was the file geodatabase format the problem?). Next we ran into a different issue regarding symbology. It seems as though when the Smart Editor Widget is refreshed after selecting a feature within the WebApplication the symbology was not recognized (hense we saw all features with a blue symology). Apprently, this is a bug to be exact BUG-000107509;

The Smart Editor widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS does not correctly recognize symbology changes from a layer uploaded through ArcGIS Pro as a single symbol.

I did not use ArcGIS Pro at all but this was happening nonetheless so I’ll take that as a bug and move on. I was glad that I got the invisible code value issues resolved so I put the finishing touches on the app shared it out to the Assessment Group and is waiting for my colleage to start doing some edits. Now I have to explain the blue screen issue to him thanks ESRI.

The point of all this is that ESRI need to work on their online editing tools. I can do this type of edit with Geocortex with none of these types of problems. I almost went that route but wanted to make this work in AGO after all it’s just one attribute that need some updates. If it gets too annoying I will probably have to migrate it to Geocortex anyway that would be a shame but hey you have to use the best tool to do the job when it comes down to saving time and preventing headaches.