The reason for the day off

It’s another cold snowy day in the Fingerlakes and I spent the better part of the morning scraping 4 inches of ice off my car only to have more snow replacing the ice I just scraped off.  However, I will not be annoyed with the weather today. Today i’m in a thankful and reflective mood despite the gloomy, cold snow/ice showers from above.  I will be thankful for the day off that I have today thanks to the life and hard work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In order to recognize this Day other than reflecting I thought that I would share a story map that I came across titled…

The Life and Words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

There is  a post @ ESRI on the making of the Story map that is worth reading. Other than the message I really like the choice of colors and the use of maps to tell the overall story.