A couple of story maps

papercurtlakeIt’s Christmas Day and I’m watching the sun dance across the snowflakes here in the Northeast. The wind has definately died down since this morning a little too chilly for a snow ball fight in the yard but if the sun keeps up maybe it will happen. We didn’t get as much snow although I’m sure more is on the way. Buurh all that wind is just blowing the stuff everywhere.

I happen to like hand drawn maps so when I came across these on my map gallery excursion earlier today, I could not resist sharing. These three are from John Nelson.

  • Map by Hand– bathymetric looking map and the tools and process it took to draw it by hand.
  • Hillshade by hand– a hand drawn hillshade map based on a hand drawn graphite hillshading Rand McNally map of Arizona from the 1930s tools and techniques also discussed.
  • Papercut Lake Maps– uses layers in ArcGIS Pro to replicate paper maps can download project and symbols to make your own.

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