ArcGIS Pro where did the styles go after I added them

I’ve been using ArcGIS Pro on and off since 2.0 made it’s debut this summer. I played with it a little before then but I would say this summer was the turning point where I started to try to figure out how the tools work in Pro. It’s different from ArcMap that’s for sure I’m still not used to all those tabs but it’s getting better the more I hang out in there. Today I had a user ask me about styles. She wanted to use some of the old ArcMap styles in ArcGIS Pro.  She found the old ESRI styles at the esri styles gallery page and started to importing to ArcPro with a vengeance.  However, she ran into a little snag, she tried to add them to Pro but did not know where the styles were ending up. I was a little baffled myself having imported some of the new styles from ArcGIS Online myself a few days earlier. Her query forced me to look at the documentation and find where the styles I had imported went to.

Styles added to a project from ArcGIS Online become a project item to that project but are stored in your user profile at [drive]:\Users\[your_name]\Documents\ArcGIS\OnlineStyles.

Bingo!  I found the styles in the C:\Users\MyCoolName\Documents\ArcGIS\OnlineStyles directory and was able to add my style of choice to my project as well as help her out. Guess you can say I solved two mysteries in one day not bad for a hard day’s work.

When in doubt check the ArcGIS Pro online help it is a great resource that can save you a lot of time and headache. She is of course complaining that she can’t modify these styles once imported to the project… on to the next mystery!

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