Installing QGIS the Mac

I finally switched back to a Mac and I’ve been adding all the programs back that I was used to using on my PC then I remembered that I had ArcGIS Pro installed on the PC and I had an ah shucks moment because I know that ArcGIS Pro can’t go on the Mac unless I install Windows via bootcamp or a VM and after looking into that I just did not feel like being bothered. I went to check out a couple of native Mac Programs I remembered Ortellius from back in my Mac Mini days but did not want to design a map all I wanted to do at this point was download a road shapefile from the Tompkins County Open Data Portal and symolize and label it. I came across Cartographica  which had a free trial but after watching a few how to videos I found the wokflow a bit klunky and the pricetag a bit much for what I was looking for after the trial.  In the end I decided that I wanted free software that I could install that was as close to ArcGIS as I could get.

 QGIS to save the day but what’s that message precious?

I pointed my browser to QGIS and downloaded the latest and greatest aka Las Palmas 2.18x. After the download completed I opened the package read the readme file and launched the first package and received the following message

1 GDAl Complete.pkg can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer …

I was like what the heck is this? It was getting too late so I shutdown and went to bed. Next day I decided to do a search and came across a page on GIS Lounge titled installing qgis on the mac.” I was back to my shiny happy sparkly self  and gave the instructions a try. They worked and I’m happy to report that QGIS is running happily on my Mac. It is much fater than on my PC for sure and I was able to open, symolize and label the roads as intended.



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