My favorite ArcGIS Onlne Update the new emergency and state and local government symbol sets

ArcGIS Online has been updated with a number of new features. I won’t bore you with details as you can find out the specifics here. I like the new clusterig functionality don’t get me wrong and I’ll be using this for our extensive address layer but the upadte I’m most excited about is quite simple The new ArcGIS Online symbol sets for Emergency Management and State and Local Government.  I was working on a map with emergency shalters a couple of weeks ago and Emergency Response has a paticular symbol for shelters that I could not find in the symbol set so I had to import an image and use that. I did it but thought it would have been more helpful to have these symols in ArcGIS Online.

well they must of heard my complaint because now I have a whole set that I can use. When I add that to the local government set it’s a beautiful thing.

I’ll have to go change out some of the symbols I’m currently using but glad to have them so I won’t complain.

My colleage and I were discussing the lack of hydrant symbology in ArcGIS Online last Wednesday while working on updating his mapping application in Geocortex Essentials where he can leverage the full ArcGIS Desktop symbol. He was annoyed that basic water distribution symbology like hydrants were missing from ArcGIS Online. Glad to see some of them mase it in this round keep them coming. It’s not perfect but at least now the hydrants can look like hydrants and he does not have to worry about importing an image.

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