Particles on my face and 10 benjamins for an iphone

iphone-2854327_960_720So I tuned into the Apple keynote yesterday and honestly I have to say the only thing I was excited about was the series 3 watches with cellular. This means in addition to completing my rings I can make calls and text on my watch without worrying about hauling the 6 plus around. Don’t get me wrong the iPhone X was slick and all of that but I kinda expected the the 8 to be like that and the price was a bit steep for something I toss all over the place and can’t find half the time.

IMHO the X should have been the price of the 8. Apple should have skipped the 8 and made the iphone X the deafult one. It would have been a happier keynote. It’s not like the stuff wasn’t leaked to begin with anyway so I was like really ten benjamins for a phone? I won’t even start with the whole facial recognition thing thats a bit creepy IMHO. It  will be intersting to see some of the social implications.

BTW I think the author of this article makes some good points.

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