Rickshaw Run and Goodlands

It’s a cool lazy Saturday afternoon here in Upstate, NY so I thought I would post about a couple of story maps that came across my desk this past week.

The first one is from the 2017 ESRI Storytelling with Maps Contest. I did not pick the grand prize winner as interesting and nice as that was the one that really impressed me was the 1st place winner “The Rickshaw Run”  The story is just awesome to celebrate their father’s 60th birthday, two brothers took him on a 3,000-km (over 1,864 miles) dash across India in an under-powered rickshaw.

What I Loved About It

Besides their sense of adventure, I loved that they used plenty of videos and maps to give you a sense of their journey. They showed the places they went, people they met and the rickshaw in great detail and color. They really allowed you to experience the journey with them.

Next up is “Goodlands- Making Land Work for Good”  A global map of landholdings by the Catholic Church.

Why I Liked this Map

Besides being a huge undertaking in mapping I like projects with young people doing awesome work with GIS. Read the article at the Boston Globe.


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