Your Trial XTools Pro license has expired!

Today I checked my inbox and there it was…

Your Trial XTools Pro license has expired!

I’ve been using XTools since I worked with the City of Ithaca before they had an official GIS Program and have found it to be an indispensable tool for doing some of the things that ArcGIS Desktop does not do well like rename and rearrange fields. However, at some point I let the upgrade lapse and I’ve been using trials since then. I had it in the budget this year but had to spend the money on one more ArcGIS Online named user I suppose I didn’t have to but our usage has grown and I needed another user to be be able to more than view maps so there went the XTools funds. Today, I find myself once again with yet another expired trial. I wish they had a 30-day trial instead of just 14 days.
However the fault is all mine. I should have bought this at the beginning of the year but I was trying to fix all the mess with ArcGIS and SQL Server which ate up all the funds.

Enough of my sad tale…

XTools Pro 17 is an excellent product if you are using ArcGIS Desktop and for you or ArcGIS Pro. Yes there


XTools Metadata Tool

there is an AGP version which come free with your purchase. My favorite tools are:

  • the table operations tools where I spend a lot of my time deleting multiple fields, modifying tables, aggregating attributes, etc.
  • I also use the import/export tools for importing and exporting KML.
  • Lastly, I absolutely love the metadata tools. I know it’s geeky but I enjoying adding and cleaning metadata. I have a little duck on my desk that says “don’t duck metadata” and a poster from some conference way back when to remind me how important this is.

The metadata tools in XTools Pro is better than the one in ArcGIS Desktop… I was using it just a couple of weeks ago and I’ll miss the tool while I wait for the 2018 budget. BTW there are some free tools available w/out buying a license but most of what I use aren’t in the free category.

A license can be had for  $250 USD a little less if you purchase 2 or more.  maybe I can negotiate an early purchase with the IT Department.

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