Gutenberg need more work before committing to core

A few weeks ago I noticed this nagging little message when I went to create a post in WordPress

“switch to the new improved editor blah blah blah”

I wondered what this was about and switched to it a couple of times by mistake and promptly went back to the regular editor. Why? it was just different and as I was just setting up my site I didn’t want yet another thing to deal with. Yesterday I came across this article from WPMUDEV where they seem to have no love for the editor at all so much so that they would not want to see it become part of the core. Huh this seems to be part of the core already at least on the hosted platform it’s not a plug-in I installed since I can’t install any on my current subscription plan.

Today, I decided to ignore all the mini-hate on that aforementioned post and give the editor a try. I’m currently using it to create this blog post and quite frankly now that I know what it is compliments of the post I like it but it does need some improvements.

I used to use the Ghost blogging platform and the Gutenberg editor reminds me of that as it’s quite distraction free and put the writing upfront and center. I’m also used to working with visual builders like Divi so the content block thing does not bother me as much. I also don’t copy and paste out of Word documents. I can see how some people would get annoyed with the changes… that plus sign to add media just does not cut it, glad I read the post so I could figure out how to add media to my site. Enforcing styles on an entire block does take getting used to if you are not used to visual builders.

Now for the video insertion test…

really what the heck I can’t add a simple YouTube video??? Huh? yah this needs more work for sure. We used to be able to copy and paste a URL and the video just appears… Strange this definitely need more work. I had to switch back to the old editor to do this. That has Insert YouTube video as an option.



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