It was a typical Wednesday afternoon, I’m sitting at my desk knee deep in work when someone from mapping came up to me and asked me if I had seen the latest issue of ArcNews.  I was like no what’s the big deal then she slaps page 11 down on my desk.

The first thing I noticed really were the bright comic like colors and thought whaaat no they didn’t!!!

After reading though some of the blurbs I  ran downstairs and picked up my copy.  I usually toss the latest version of ArcNews on the side desk and ignore it until a rainy day but thought I would check out this edition on account of the whole Mapwoman theme. I decided to navigate to the online version and found the new story map of the same.

So why do I like it?

  • Catchy colors
  • Has all the 4 elements of a good story (setting, characters, conflict, resolution)
  • Explains Insights for ArcGIS without getting overly technical
  • Plays on the whole wonder woman theme (favorite movie so far this summer)
  • Comic book look and feel
  • Reminded me of the cool t-shirts at the ESRI Users Conference

Overall I enjoyed the story, thought the play on words (Metadata Meadows, Silo, Plotland, etc.) were fun and is looking forward to seeing more stories like these in the future.

Maybe if ArcNews had one of these in each edition I wouldn’t toss it on the side desk as much.

There are some really great articles in this edition the whole thing deserves a read.

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