Playing with ArcGIS Pro 2.0

ArcGIS pro 2 Charting Test

If you haven’t heard ArcGIS Pro 2.0 was released today. I won’t go into all the hoopla you can read all about that here. A couple of the bullet points caught my eye.

  • Highly requested context menu options for importing and exporting data included in the Catalog pane.
  • Your layouts are more useful and powerful than ever with embeddable dynamic interactive charts.

After upgrading, I opened up a project I worked on a while back and decided to give the charting feature a try. I created a couple of charts and was surprised at how quick I was getting used to creating these dynamic charts once I figure out how to master the side tabs.  I’m still not used to looking on the right side of the screen for properties and haven’t had a chance to customize the interface yet.

Bottom line is it was fairly fast and easy and yes they aren’t messing around when they say that the charts are dynamic took me a minute to figure out why numbers were changing (it’s been a long day…)

You can change chart variables with one click and export your work of art to an image file… I’m really starting to like ArcGIS Pro.

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