Hand Drawn Maps

It was a typical Monday afternoon and I went to my inbox to fire off some emails after minimising an online map I was working on. Other than the junk mails flying in, I noticed that my Minions folder was all lit up.

Yes I have a Minions folder

I ignored the junk mail and opened the minions folder (the minions get top priority) wow was I surprised. Instead of the typical set of questions I usually get from them I received a PDF of hand drawn maps from someone in one of the Villages up north. After looking at them for a few minutes I could not help but think about some of the maps from Lord of the Rings.  These are black and white and had streets, addresses,  and fire access points along the lake in the Town of Covert, NY.   They are not only simple and quite beautiful in their own right but useful as well since I’ll be using them to check against the digital streets we have in those sections of our Fire Service areas for 911.

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