Checking out the story maps gallery

It was a lazy Friday afternoon and I was a bit tired of running QC checks on addresses.

Why do I do these daunting tasks on Friday afternoons after a big lunch…

I minimized the data maintenance software for a few minutes and headed to the ESRI website to explore a few items of interests when I came across the story map gallery. It’s been a while since I looked at the gallery and I wanted to get some inspiration for a project that I’m currently working on so I opened the gallery and was greeted with quite the thumbnail array of story maps.  I have a thing for odd looking trees so my first stop was the “Great Trees” story map where I was able to learn a bit about some amazing trees from around the World. I was especially fascinated by the Dragon Blood Tree of Socotra.

Next up was the ‘Green on Gray: An Urban Food Movement story map with twelve examples of urban community gardens, rooftop green-space and farms. I followed that up with another Green on Gray map “celebrating the growing popularity of urban agriculture across the nation.” with examples from New York City, Chicago and Detroit.

The sound of the inbox started to buzz with a vengeance so I took a quick look at another story map titled “Distinguished Immigrants”  and switched to dealing with the email messages for the next few minutes before launching myself into yet another project before the warm weekend.

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