Taking a closer look at the US health map

IHME Us Health MapIf you are interested in health statistics for the US you can explore US health trends interactively in areas such as life expectancy, obesity, physical activities and over 21 major causes of death via the IHME vizhub map.

I did a little digging around the map and found some insightful trends for Tompkins County. For example, Tompkins County was top 5 for life expectancy in New York State based on 2014 stats (81.21 years).  Interestingly Tompkins County was #1 for life expectancy in 1980 @ 75.92 years. However, life expectancy has increased by 5.29 years since then.

There are  so many trends to explore and compare from County to County across the US. I like that you get the State numbers, National numbers for each trends. It’s a wealth of health data just sitting there waiting to be explored. My favorite section other than the interactive map is the US County profiles. Just select a state,  select the county of interest and  download a profile of all the health trends.

Go ye and explore!

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