Vintage Maps of Tompkins County NY

ithbirdseyeA few days ago I came across this post titled “The History of Bird’s Eye View Maps.” Immediately, I thought about one of the maps on my wall back in the office.  You see , I’ve had this Ithaca Birds Eye View (1873) map on my wall for years without giving any thoughts to how they came to be.   As part of the map collection on our GIS website we have a number of scanned historic maps from the History Center collection.

I love those older maps, there is something about them that immediately draws your attention, they are works of art not like some of the maps we create with the typical GIS software nowadays.

Want More Vintage Maps

If you want to view more vintage maps of Tompkins County and New York State, check out the Bill Hecht’s collection of scanned images of Tompkins County which includes maps and gazetteers as well as views of various municipalities and topics. In addition, take a moment to check out the history forge maps from the History Center of Tompkins County.