Upgrading to ArcGIS Server 10.5

Our  interactive mapping server with the map gallery that people seem to love and can’t live without (given the volume of messages I received) had some hard drive failures at the beginning of the year.

It was like welcome to 2017… You’re experiencing a hardware failure!!!

After the faulty drives were replaced and a previous backup was restored I discovered that the ArcGIS Server software was MIA… everything else was good but the ArcGIS Server service would not start for anything. I looked and found that the program file directory was just plain gone… so I reinstalled and restarted the server…

Drats!  Still could not get the ArcGIS Server service to start at all. I tried to reason with it, danced for it, but still got nothing for my efforts.

The emails were still coming in and people were getting impatient so… the next morning I upgraded the software and we were back in business with a couple of tweaks here and there like re-adding the data shares to the data-config store and re-tickling the permissions. The good news is that we did not lose any of the services so those were restored.

Error 001487

After trying to publish this one service we kept getting error 001487  “packaging succeeded but publishing failed” bottom line is that the service would not re-publish, publish or anything else but error out. After doing a bunch of searches I came across this post. Which gave me some clues about what the trouble might be and was able to confirm this with tech support on Thursday.

ESRI really do have one of the best tech support teams I’ve dealt with… they know their stuff, very patient with their clients, and can troubleshoot issues with you when needed

The bottom line is that SQL Server 2008 R2 does not work with ArcGIS Server 10.5 actually, it doesn’t work with 10.4 either so if you are planning to upgrade and using Enterprise Geodatabases with SQL Server make sure you have at least 2012.  If your service is published and working it works but if you need to re-publish and update data it won’t work.  We’re now having to look into upgrading SQL Server. I even have my wonky eye on PostgreSQL which looks interesting. We might have to go this route if we can’t find any change laying around this year to donate to Microsoft.

Ah the life of a GIS Administrator on a shoestring budget…

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