Baby its cold outside

I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I thought a few days of extended rest would do me some good. I was right about the extended rest I feel better already. That was until I went outside… It’s been snowing buckets since this morning and the garbage and recycling had to go out so I bundled up and dragged the recycling bin to the end of the driveway. This was a bit difficult not only was it cold but the recycle bin wheels were dragging the snow with it and got heavy really quick now my back is hurting. For a lady born in a warm country this place is a large departure and

I find myself giving thought to the consistency of snow so much that I’ve categorized them over the years:

  • Category 1 A little dusting– this is the type that comes down fast and melt fast. The snowflakes are usually light and fluffy and melt before they touch the ground, my kind of snow…
  • Category 2 Sticky Wicky– this type tend to fall slowly to the ground and sticks snowflakes are a bit on the small side. OK to drive in for the most part usually go away once the roads are treated.
  • Category 3 Ice ballers– these bad boys look a bit like powdered detergent and tend to make an icy slippery mess and come with lots of wind… these are more snow curds than snowflakes they lead to wintry mix, icy roads, and power outages quite often because they freeze everything in sight…nasty buggers!
  • Category 4 Wet-n-Wild– The typical snow squall, comes down fast, whiteout conditions, wet mess that sits on the road then freezes up since the temperature tend to drop fast. These can lead to power outages and otherwise nasty weather conditions. The last time I was caught in one of these I felt like I was driving in a gigantic marshmallow there was nothing but white glare everywhere I looked. Good thing I came home early that day.
  • Category 5 Snowmageddon– The snowstorm of the century measured in feet rather than inches, lately these have been coming with negative temperatures. The last one up here brought us 40 below zero Fahrenheit and I woke up to no heat in the house… (The Big island is calling to me in my dreams)