Migrating my WordPress Site to Ghost an experiment

A Ghost of a Holiday

This weekend to pass the time I decided to try migrating my current WordPress website back to Ghost. I started with the free trials and rolled up my sleeves and tried to install Ghost on Windows Azure via the instructions here. All seemed well but the creation process was taking tons of time so I backed out of that and moved on to a few places using this link.

  • Runkite– I was able to set things up in runkite however runkite was using an older version of Ghost and kept giving me a message about upgrading to the latest version but the link did nothing. Wasn’t sure how to do that. Also the theme I tried did not work.
  • Ghosted– This one was fast to setup but after doing this I was getting weird time out messages when I tried to go to the blog that was created. I had no control over the blog name upfront and got some odd number URL that did not work. Although it was fast and my custom theme was easy to upload, I got nothing for my efforts but busy server messages.
  • Haunted– got some weird privacy message so I backed away from that one really quickly…
  • Ghost I ended up choosing Ghost. It was simple as pie to setup and no weird messages. You get a 14 day trial so I figure I would see if it’s as easy as it was the last time I tried it. My first theme did not work well way too many configs so I went with a theme that was simple to configure.

For my content I used the WordPress Ghost plug-in mentioned here to move the content. Despite the warnings about images Ghost seems to reference them just fine since the WordPress site is still up and running. I’ll obviously have to deal with the images later before I take down the other site.

So far so good more on this next couple of days as I get back in here. Ghost has changed a bit since the last time I used it for sure.


I decided to stick with WordPress for now. I like the Ghost platform and all that and the hosted version is quite easy to setup and use. They take care of everything for you but at $29/ per month the hosted version is a bit much for my budget. You can run it on other platforms I did finally get Ghosted.it to work for me with a crude URL and was able to get it working with my domain after some help from support. If you want to give Ghost a try the easiest path is Ghost Pro, cheapest is Ghosted.it or Runkite.