Affinity Designer for Windows

I’m one of those people who use one graphics program and stick to it until they stop making it. This happened to me a couple years back when I found out that I could no longer update  Adobe Fireworks  because it was discontinued.

I was a little miffed because I had been using this for all my quick graphics editing needs and wanted to put it on my new machine…

I found a copy of Photoshop Elements from one of my Wacom tablet purchases and decided to give that a whirl. It was going OK until I decided to upgrade to version 14.  They re-organized the interface and made it annoying to go in and do the few basic photo and text editing tasks I liked to do in there.

I like to be able to open the program and get to work right away. Drag and drop is queen! Resizing quickly and adding text elements and resizing and styling them are the few basic things I want to do why did they make this so annoying?

About six months ago, I started looking at reasonably priced Mac wares to see if any of them got ported to Windows. I had a Mac a while back and I still miss Pixelmator. While reading one of my many news feed I found out that Affinity Designer was coming to Windows in the summer (It cost about $50 for Mac figured it would be about the same for Windows). I signed up right away and got word of the free public beta which is now at release candidate 4 (RC4 You can download it here and give it a try.

I’ve been using it a few months now and I have to say this is already turning out to be my go to image editor of choice.  I like the slim interface, the intuitive ease of use, and can’t wait until it is out of beta. It’s a worthy download even in beta.