The Days of Taxmaps

I was headed out the door this evening after another hard day at work when I noticed the box at the top of the stack.

Tax Maps $4.00, Aerials $5.00

Not quite sure who put that up there but it reminded me of when I first started at the County and we used to print out and sell both tax maps and aerial photography. We were busy doing this and earned a bit of change to restock the ink supply and paper for the plotters. I still remembered printing those pink aerial photos, then came came the natural color ones and people could not get enough of those we were really busy. When the Pictometry images came along more printing but then Bing Maps had them online and we added the link to our maps services.  Now everything is online and free and I can’t remember the last time someone came in to ask for a print out. Good thing because we don’t have that old plotter anymore. I can still remember the annoying sound it would make when we printed taxmaps for a week.  Tax maps are available  here and people can search, find their property, print, turn on several types of aerials and export data layers.

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