The birth of a story map journal for bridge and road projects

It all started with these two lists on the Tompkins County Highway pages here and here. When I first saw them it struck me that unless you have lived in the County for a long time,

you have no clue where some of these roads and bridges are. Wouldn’t it make sense to see them on a map?

I had a map but thought that it would make more sense to leverage some more of our ESRI entitlements and create a story map journal for current Tompkins County roads and bridge projects, There were plenty of samples for me to look at and I went with the simplest version since the idea is to have a non-GIS staff person take this over in the future. It was enjoyable working on this project and can’t wait to get some better pictures and videos in the future to supplement/ replace the ones I scraped from wherever I could get them. So far we’ve had over 200 views in the week since it’s been live not bad since we added it to GIS website two days ago.

Next up is an editing application for the staff to update the information and some dashboards soon as I get more than a few minutes. It’s OK for a first attempt. I’m looking forward to see where we go from here and what other hidden projects we can make available to the community.

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