Free your map with a story

After finishing the DIY Geo Apps MOOC Course ( the next one is in February it’s worth it) last week, I decided to put some of the things I learned into practice and convert this scenic resources map a story map app. I thought that a map tour would do it the most justice so I chose that and whipped up the “Tompkins County Scenic Resource Views” story map tour.  The hardest part was finding the data I had imported earlier. The first thing to note is that if you have more than 100 points it will get trimmed to 99.  There were 110 views so I lost a few but since I did not want to host this on our server, I was good with 99. I gave the views “names based on location” as opposed to View 1, View 2, View 3, etc.  Please note that the view numbers presented here are different from the original scenic resources map. It was fun putting this together honestly we’ve had this map on our server for a while and this was the first time that I went through all of them.

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