City of Ithaca Public Art- A Story Map

Yesterday was a long productive day. I started off with the phone in conference mode and learning more than I care to know about Geoforms via the Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps course. I enjoyed this very much and is still thinking about ways to deploy this in our organization. Up next I had a long conversation about the Web GIS Pattern with one of our vendors. My head was spinning with ideas and I found out some interesting things about deploying Portal for ArcGIS.  We’re currently sharing the maintenance cost of ArcGIS Server with the City and things get muddy with this ArcGIS Online business really quickly when you’re SHARING!. I spent some time trying to track down our ESRI rep to no avail still no word maybe he will turn up sooner or later and grace me with a phone call (the man is busy).

As soon as I got off the phone a user contacted me about their ArcGIS Online login. Here we go again! Those messages that are sent by ESRI when you change passwords don’t make it through the spam filter most days.  After more than a few back and forth we got it to work.  The ArcGIS Desktop deauthorize, deinstall from machine A and reinstall and reauthorize on machine B funk came next.  Same license different machine same department how many times am I going to do this? The same license has been migrating for years so much I wish it would just migrate itself and leave me out of it.

I have ZERO love for ArcGIS Desktop Basic standalone none at all. Why can’t they just have 1 version of ArcGIS it would make our admin life a lot easier…

After the install and a few other work orders, I received an email from City GIS regarding a story map I had no clue was sitting on the GIS Server. I was like what storymap? I hopped on to the ArcGIS Server and there it was in all it’s glory. Ah it was after all the end of my workday and the hills were calling. My curiosity got the best of me and I fired up the browser and gave it a look.

The story map is entitled Public Art- City of Ithaca, NY.  That aside I did what any other person looking at public art would do checked out the pretty pictures. They include, wall murals, monuments, sculptures and my favorite Electrical boxes (blue pins). These are located all over the City and some of them are just plain fun to look at. I’m partial to this one here. I’m told that more is coming soon. More More More!!!!

I headed home with a smile on my face and thought what a day!


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