The Evolution of Ska! A Story Map

I was at my desk the other day doing some really boring editing work. I know the address points are important and all of that but it can get a bit much on a Friday afternoon. To break out of the Friday afternoon doldrums I tend to go check out the ESRIsphere in hopes of getting inspired. A few minutes after clicking around, I stumbled upon the  ESRI Story Maps site and decided to check out the winners of the ESRI story map contest, checked out a few of the new Story Map Cascades (“The Uprooted” is a must see ) and tickled my ears with this one “Making Waves: The Evolution of Ska!. As quoted by the author.

The genre of music known as ska has gone through three very different waves in three very different places. From the early cuts of Jimmy Cliff to the current riffs of Less Than Jake, see where ska was formed on the maps below…

I knew that Ska began in my homeland of Jamaica. For me when I hear these tunes they remind me of sitting on the veranda and having some really spicy soup of various ilk. Not sure if it was a broadcasting thing but they always went with soup on Saturdays. I enjoyed this  story map very much because it reminded me of fun childhood days on the island. I also thought that the maps was  well done. I especially liked the audio samples (click on the notes to listen). The samples from the US has a much different sound than the ones from Jamaica and England IMO and I found myself wanting more samples from Jamaica. I’m sure that I can find some in my Mom’s collection assuming I can locate the collection.

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