Mapping Tompkins Web GIS Updates

I spent the better part of the last week updating our online property mapping application. The tax-mapping crew was generous and gave us a early cut of the data and so I figured I would get this out to the public as soon as possible. We do this in two ways…

  1. Update the main online property viewer application
  2. Distribute the data in ESRI shapefile format

New this year, I decided since it only takes 5 seconds to create an AutoCAD dwg file and I have to do it for another project anyway I might as well generate and distribute that as well. The file has XDATA as well as the parcel ID on a text layer. I actually went nuts and generated one with property class code but thought the better of it… The ugly colors scared me away I should have chosen the pastel pallet perhaps I will play with this some other time when I get a minute.

The Property Viewer

The online property viewer is based on HTML 5 technology from these cool Canadian Peeps and ArcGIS Server from those GIS folks in California. For best performance use Google Chrome although it does work fine in other browsers. The parcel viewer has a quick reference to get you started on the left, tools are at the top (hover to see what the do) and you can turn layers on and off at the bottom left. The Linked maps get you Google street views and Pictometry birdseye views (you can open these in new windows). Feel free to print, export or share.

The Downloads

Want to get you hands on the data and work with it in your GIS software of choice, toss it in CartoDB? open the .dbf in a spreadsheet and skip all this GIS stuff altogether? You can access the download location in the online viewer home panel (highlighted in green)  or go directly to the main GIS Data page (more goodies there). You will need to unzip the files (had to keep them under 10 MB). Below that is the CAD (dwg) file.

Please note that the parcel data does not contain ownership as we’re not authorized to distribute this information online to the public.  You may contact the County Assessment Department who will gladly help you out with this information.

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