Wooden Kubb

I was modifying my desktop yesterday and did a search for wooden computer icons and happen to come across a Wooden cube computer called the Wood Kubb.  Honestly when I first saw it I was reminded of a small wooden trunk that pottery barn used to make a while back.  The wood Kubb comes in white ash, brown ash, and walnut and starts at US$823 and change for the i3 model and US$1,124 and change for the i5 model. This is a french company so the prices on the site are in euros. The specs are OK for a wooden cube that sits on your desk and look nice.  You can pair it with a nice wireless bamboo keyboard and mouse. If you really want to get your all wood fancy going check out some of the wooden desks and mouse pads from Etsy. I prefer the Street Art Collection  and this Vintage version myself. I wonder about the heat dissipation and noise in these machines…

I have a cube like wonder on my desk already for 1/2 the price of one of those novelties.

If you are looking for a basic computer with the beauty of wood though and don’t want to hack your own this might be the way to go.

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