The search for finer points

I went looking for new pens in the downstairs office cabinet on Friday since the ink from my usual set of Bic  four color fine point pens ran out. I had a stack of them and lately for some reason they have been running out quicker than I can remember. I found nothing but medium points and bleed-able gels or otherwise plain boring pens of no interest. I picked up a couple of interesting ones including one that lit up when you twisted it. I was desperate my pens had all ran dry.

However, I tend to write in big bold letters so I like fine point pens in general so yesterday I decided to search online and see what I could find for fine points. I noticed the Zebra clip-on multi-color multi-functional pen, read the reviews and remember I had a previous iteration of this pen that I liked. Instead of ordering one, I would support my local economy and visit the Staples store down the hill a ways.  It was cooler out today and I had the day off so why not…

I went straight to the isle of pens and searched and looked and poked and could not find the coveted Zebra clip-on multi-color multi-functional pens anywhere!

Sadly, the only Zebra pens I saw were of the pen/stylus variety. I saw the Bic 4-color pens… they had shiny barrels, barrel with grips, the standard blue barrel and even the crafted pastel barrels with pastel ink but no orange barrels which would satisfy my fine point requirement. I noticed with great annoyance that most of the pens in the store were medium barrels. I was hard pressed to find fine points at all. I ended up getting ripped off at Staples on a 6 pack of multi-colored sharpie pens which should have cost $9.18 with tax but ended up costing me almost $12 plus travel and a lot of frustration.  I should have known that they would be cheaper on Amazon and they wonder why people don’t bother shopping at these big box stores locally anymore. I was a little worried that they would bleed all over my moleskin but true to the advertisement no bleed. The purple writes very nice perhaps I’ve found a new set of pens, the proof will be how long they last. They are quite light and comfortable although they don’t have any grips. I think I have some spare grips in the desk I can use if my had start to slide around too much.



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