SSL GeoFunk

As the GIS Admin at a local gov agency, I have to wear different hats. One week I’m obsessing about data comparisons between different 911 data-sets and another week I’m working on applying security to ArcGIS Server and Geocortex Essentials. Last week was SSL week and I still need a minute. IT took care of the first part thank goodness (getting and installing said certificate). I arrived last Monday morning full of hope and set off to apply SSL to ArcGIS Server first which I worked through with some provided instructions.

Next, I set off to secure Geocortex Essentials, they too provided some instructions via support which was a bit ambiguous at the time but I worked though that also. After doing some magic with the Post Installer and Security Settings. We tested a few of the sites which seemed to be working just fine until I fired up my iPhone to test off the network and got nothing but te “can’t reach site message.” I figured OK not much bars perhaps slow load? Nothing!!!!

Odd that the sites were working internally but nothing externally. I got some help from Latitude support (Thanks Danny) since I’ve had some similar things happen before SSL but as it turns out everything was OK there for the most part. I went home with a headache that evening and a six pack of something I can’t remember. Next day I came in with a purpose and fired up some searches and started to wonder if the firewall was blocking traffic on port 443. I fired off an email to IT and they got right on that!  Sometime before lunch I could see services on my iPhone again.

So what happened? Firewall was blocking traffic and some redirects needed to happen on the server. After the words proxy and routing  was mentioned my brain was out to lunch. Glad it worked. I spent the rest of the day re-configuring all the Geocortex site files to point to the SSL services while trying to help a client with one of the Silver-light based services which I figured out how to fix after going home.  We still have some work to do on individual site configurations but we’re back up and running for the most part. Thanks to IT and some super fast Latitude Geo support!

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