Earthpatterns Online

I met Jay Hart more than a few years back at one of those New York State GIS Conferences where he had a display of some of his recent works. You can find out more about Jay from his old website but the new site is worth a look. Per the description on the site…

The images in the gallery are built from individual files for each Landsat natural color band, and from the higher rez B+W Landsat band of 15m cellsize. These are combined with elevation from both SRTM and US/Canada/Russia raster elevation sources to yield a haze-corrected and toposhadow-enhanced output which often appears three dimensional.  The data are nearly all in the public domain.

To explore the images I found it easier to start with the map index. You have to view in a little to see all the points. Clicking on a point takes you to an image. Here is an example from Jamaica but don’t take my word for it zoom in and choose your destination for a visual feast. The titles section is also helpful when trying to find a particular place. You can also purchase a if you are so inclined.

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