Time to Update Geocortex Essentials

If you had the opportunity to look in my inbox last week,  I have an email pinned at the top with a reminder in bold letters that it’s time to update Geocortex Essentials. After some wheeling and dealings with my colleagues at the City who apparently have an upcoming training session planned on the older version, we decided to take the plunge on Tuesday morning pending no major emergency event (be it snow, fire, flood).  So that’s Tuesday morning (since there is no Spillman data-load scheduled) whole GIS Server stack is getting upgraded. Oh let me back up a second…

Geocortex Essentials is an off the shelf product that allows us to leverage our  onsite ArcGIS Server by providing online interactive maps with a comprehensive set of GIS tools and capabilities. Wow that was a mouthful…

There is even more to see and read here and be sure to check out their interactive website samples. If you don’t want to fill out anything just have a look at our map gallery (keep in mind older version until after Tuesday). Im mostly looking forward to the following enhancements to the HTML 5 viewer in random order.  You can check out some of the enhancement here.

  • Saved selections and set operations on feature sets in saved selections
  • Comprehensive coordinate tools
  • Right-click context menu
  • Improvements to the way measurements are displayed on the map
  • Field value formatting
  • Save and share project files to persist and restore application state
  • Print preview
  • Configurable logo within the splash screen

I’m hoping that this upgrade is a smooth one since we need to spend the next few days checking out and implementing some of the new features for the training.


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