Ithaca Builds

Ithaca is building like crazy! Not sure why exactly some say there is a housing shortage, others say lots of people are moving here from larger cities, perhaps its the relatively low crime rate, and rolling hills  Whatever the reason, it seems that we barely finish adding an apartment complex or some new development to our base maps and another couple of them pop-up out of nowhere… the Planning Department who has to report numbers of new housing per year is having a fun time of it to say the least. Sometime last year I stumbled on Ithaca Builds.

a site that started in early May 2013 to provide a way for people to explore, learn about, and discuss development in the Ithaca area…

Ithaca Builds has become my favorite go to place when I have a question about a particular development that made its way across my desk or in my inbox.

Since a significant amount of housing in Tompkins County is in the multi-residential category (~ 60%) we track housing at the unit level not just at the site level. Ithaca builds often times provide us with general layout, link to developer websites (very helpful), photos and loads of information on project start and completion. It doesn’t cover all of Tompkins County but it covers the area where most of the development is currently happening. This allows to to put all the pieces of development puzzles together and get what we need for updating our maps and related info.

If you want to keep up with how the area is changing in terms of development or just plain curious be sure to check out the Ithaca Builds site.


Seems that the site content has now moved to  Project map here