A Bit of History

Last year, the Village of Cayuga Heights  celebrated its centennial and to mark this occasion, they approached the our team about developing an interactive map on their behalf. The idea behind the map was simple, they wanted to have a series of points organized into various categories with related photographs and descriptions. The data however, needed to be revamped in order for this to happen.

Good thing that we already had most of the addresses in the Village of Cayuga Heights mapped…

Organizing the Story

My colleague spent countless hours helping their staff to organize various spreadsheets into categories which resulted in a series of ESRI based story maps.  I learned quite a bit about Cayuga Heights history in the process of listening to some of the meetings and checking out the map site since its coming off our server. I became specifically intrigued by the past residents involved in the Manhattan Project as I was watching the Manhattan TV series at the same time my colleague was working on the map.

New Map Derek Eder Style

This year, the map was ported by Paul Anderson to an embedded interactive map on the History project website.  The maps is based on Derek Eder’s searchable map template and allow you search by address and keywords and filter points on the map based on several categories.  Derek Eder is Co-founder of Open City and did a map a while back called 2nd City zoning that made Chicago zoning more digestible by using the colors of Sim City 2000 one of my favorite games.

Take a minute to explore the new maps and check out the pictures and descriptions its nice to see some of the rich history in our community and the various ways it can be presented.